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FishNotes, LLC is a mobile design and integration company. We have area's of focus that capture our attention. The first is in taking existing web and desktop applications and weaving them into mobile applications that work hand in hand with social media technologoies. Our other area of focus is to take our customer's raw needs and create a product that captures our clients needs and then focus scalable and distributed components to keep our clients support and long term investment low.

The FishNotes Smart Phone App is a collaboration between the Fishnotes Design Team and world reknown fishing pro and TV Host Jimmy Houston.

Once we discovered some exciting methods to automatically capture real-time data for the fisherman, and what the app could potentially do we sought out Jimmy for direct input and consultation to insure that Fishnotes App would be everything that a serious fisherman would need and want.

FishNotes is a growing app with unlimited potential to reach every fisherman in the world, instantly if needed. Fishnotes is unique in that the more users who use FishNotes, the more fish everybody finds. Truley amazing technology!

We are dedicated to making Fishnotes the premiere fishing smart phone application and are overjoyed to be working with Jimmy Houston going forward.

Do you have a project you want to talk about? FishNotes, LLC is open for discussions on rebranding of current products, new marketing sectors (mobile security, p2p mobile tracking, etc).

We are a think tank of ideas. Call us, you will be pleasently surprised.

Please contact info@fishnotes.com for other inquires.


FishNotes for the Anroid feeding times

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